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Warranty Description:

Terrapin Tech doesn't offer the Safeware warranty anymore, but we will continue to honor those customers who already have it.

Safeware is accidental damage is accidental damage coverage that lasts for four years or until the benefit is depleted, whichever one occurs first. The benefit of the warranty depends on the cost of the computer that is being covered and should be registered within 30 days of the purchase date. Both the customer and the service provider are able to submit claims to Safeware in order for the computer to be repaired. Safeware covers all repairs including accidental damage with no limits on how many accidental damage claims are submitted. Safeware does not cover battery replacements.

Where To Service:

Terrapin Tech is a Safeware service provider and can honor Safeware warranty repairs. The technician will determine the cause of the issue and submit a claim to Safeware with either an estimate for the part replacement or a statement declaring the laptop will be sent to Safeware to be serviced. The approval for parts replacement takes less than one business day, while approval for mail-in requests takes around one business day and includes a shipping label. Once the claim is approved, the technician will order the parts or ship the laptop to Safeware. After the repair is completed or the computer is returned from Safeware, the technician will determine whether the issue has been resolved. The customer will be notified to pick up their laptop.

Students, faculty, or staff who are not able to visit Terrapin Tech, for reasons such as going home for summer/winter break or no longer being affiliated with the university, are welcome to visit their local Safeware Service Provider such as MicroReplay or Micro Center to be serviced, or they can contact Safeware directly.