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Microsoft Complete Accident Protection


Although, Apple and Dell devices are our most popular sellers, we do offer Microsoft devices like the Surface Pro and Surface Go as well. And naturally, we also offer a warranty option for those devices known as Microsoft Complete with Accidental Damage Protection (ADP). The version of this warranty we sell provides coverage and support for up to 4 years while also covering damages resulting from drops, spills and cracked screens. Additionally, should the same issue occur 4 times for the covered device, Microsoft agrees to replace the product for the customer with a product of like kind and quality. However, this doesn't mean the replacement will be new as it can be rebuilt or refurbished item depending on Microsoft's discretion.

Usually, when damages occur for Microsoft devices and the device is brought to us, it is replaced by Microsoft immediately. But they are not contractually obligated to do so until the 4th instance of the issue so it is not something we can guarantee will happen every time. Whether the computer is replaced immediately or Microsoft agrees to repair, our method of proceeding with the repair is the same though. 

While we cannot service Microsoft devices at our campus location, there is a possibility that we can submit a claim and send the device in to Microsoft on behalf of the customer, similar to what we do with Dell and Apple devices. When a Microsoft device is brought to us, it must meet the following requirements for us to be able to assist in the way mentioned above:

1) The device must be an institutional device.

2) The device must have an active Microsoft Complete warranty on it

If the device meets those conditions, we can submit a claim with Microsoft and mail it in. Once the computer is repaired or replaced and is delivered back to us, our technicians will confirm the repair was completed successfully and notify the customer that it is ready for pick up. If the device is a personal device, regardless of whether it has a Microsoft Complete warranty or not, the customer will need to pursue assistance from a third-party repair service or Microsoft and can submit claims on their own directly to Microsoft.

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