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Dell Pro Support Plus

Warranty Description:

Dell's 4-year Pro Support Plus warranty includes four years of accidental damage coverage and is bundled into the default configurations we offer in-store and on our website. The price of the warranty is factored into the total cost for the bundle. Custom configurations do not have warranties bundled in unless specifically requested.

Some repairs may be covered by the warranty in full, including accidental damages; however, only one accidental damage claim can be covered per calendar year. In addition, the warranty does not cover battery replacements.

Where To Service:

Terrapin Tech offers warranty repair services for all Dell laptops. After a Dell laptop is checked in, a certified technician will diagnose and troubleshoot the issue. When the technician determines the cause of the issue, a request will be made to Dell for parts or a box to send the laptop to Dell. The shipping process will take about two business days, and a certified technician will either replace the parts or pack the laptop in the box to be shipped to Dell. Once the parts are replaced (either in-house or by Dell), the technician will run diagnostics and determine if the issue has been resolved. Then, an email is sent to the customer to let them know the laptop is ready for pickup. If the laptop is sent to Dell for repair, the entire mail-in process usually takes about 7-10 business days, including shipping.

Students, faculty, or staff who are not able to visit Terrapin Tech, for reasons such as going home for summer/winter break or no longer being affiliated with the university, are welcome to visit their local Dell Service Provider such as Geek Squad or Micro Center to be serviced (these would be the best options for same-day service off-campus). If there is not a Geek Squad location or a Micro Center nearby, they are also able to call Dell’s customer service for assistance.