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Warranty Description:

All Apple devices come with one year of Apple Limited Warranty coverage. The limited warranty only covers manufacturer defect repairs that occur within that one-year period. Terrapin Tech offers Apple laptops, iMacs, iPads, and Mac Minis. Customers who purchase Apple devices have the option to also purchase an AppleCare+ warranty that lasts for three years on top of the one-year Apple Limited Warranty (the warranties begin at the same time). The difference between AppleCare+ and Apple Limited Warranty is that AppleCare+ covers accidental damage for a service fee while Apple Limited Warranty does not cover accidental damage at all. The service fee depends on whether or not the damage is just to the display. With AppleCare+, an accidental damage display repair would cost $99, and any other accidental damage repair would cost $299. Without AppleCare+ a repair can cost up to $1,500. AppleCare+ also services battery replacement.

Where To Service:

Since Terrapin Tech is an Apple Service Provider, we are able to service any Apple devices. Once the Apple item is checked in, a certified technician will diagnose and troubleshoot it to determine a cause. Then, the technician will generate a quote for the customer depending on the extent of the damage. After the customer pays for the repair either over the phone or in person, a certified technician will either order parts or ship the device to Apple to be serviced. A part will usually take one to two business days to arrive at Terrapin Tech where a certified technician will continue the repair process. After the original issue has been resolved, an email will be sent to the customer to let them know their repaired item is ready for pickup. If the device is shipped to Apple, the entire mail-in process including shipping will take around 7-10 business days. When the item is received back at Terrapin Tech, a technician runs diagnostics and makes sure that the original issue has been resolved. An email will be sent to notify the customer that the device is ready for pickup.

Students, faculty, or staff who are not able to visit Terrapin Tech, for reasons such as going home for summer/winter break or no longer being affiliated with the university, are welcome to visit their local Apple Service Provider or Apple Genius Bar for service.