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Hardware & Software Support

Terrapin Tech serves the University of Maryland, College Park community. Vendor-trained technicians perform problem diagnosis, parts installation, and repairs. For a detailed list of the services we can provide, please see below.

Hardware Support 

As an Dell-certified repair center, we can provide hardware support and repair on in- and out-of-warranty Dell products. Support for other hardware is offered on a best-effort basis. For all parts-based repairs, we order and receive the parts directly from Dell.

Software Support

We can support Windows, Apple, and UNIX operating systems, as well as standard productivity applications, and we can help with internet and networking troubleshooting and a wide range of UMD, academic, and administrative applications. Support for other software is offered on a best-effort basis.

Additional Services

In addition to the services outlined above, our trained technicians can provide support with data backups, data migration, virus removal, and more. If you are having software or hardware issues with your machine, please stop by our location in McKeldin Library so that one of our technicians can diagnose or assist with the issue.