Safeware Program

Terrapin Tech offers Safeware accidental damage protection on all computers. A Safeware policy will protect your equipment for the entire duration of the policy, even if you have a claim. The limit of liability is the cost of the unit at the time of purchase (see example below).

What is covered:

  • 100% parts and labor for 2 or 4 years
  • Accidental damage coverage for drops, spills, submersion, and cracked screens
  • Mechanical and electrical failure
  • Power surges that result in damage to the device
  • No Lemon Guarantee (provides a replacement device in the event that 3 hardware failures occur for the same issue)

Other features:

  • No deductible
  • Fully transferable
  • Limit of liability is the cost of unit at time of purchase
  • Warranty begins on date of purchase

How do I get a repair on campus?

    1. Bring your malfunctioning/damaged unit to Terrapin Tech.
    2. Once the repair is completed, a technician will notify you for pick-up.
    3. Terrapin Tech bills Safeware for 100% parts & labor. Safeware pays Terrapin Tech, and the claim is closed.

What happens if I need to have my computer repaired while I'm not at UMD? (e.g. summer breaks, fall breaks, or holidays)

You should call Safeware, and their agents will process the service request. Safeware will either find a local service facility for you or they will send a box for you to use to ship your broken computer to one of their service center depots. Call 1.800.800.1492 to process a claim.

What do you mean by limit of liability?
Your computer covered by a Safeware Accidental Damage Protection Plan will be covered up to the purchase price of your unit.

For example, you purchase a MacBook Pro 15 inch 2.70GHz with a 4-year Safeware Accidental Damage Warranty. Your machine is now covered for $2,999.

You have a repair for a cracked screen costing $640.

Original Purchase Price: $2,999
Screen Repair (estimate for example purposes only): $640
Remaining Coverage: $2,359

After your first repair, you still have $2,359 worth of coverage on your computer through the remaining four years of your warranty.